I am in the mood for cake. Human says I can’t have cake. I asked her why and she said that she doesn’t feel like cleaning up barf all day every day for a week. Readers, I think you will agree with me when I say Human is my maid. She cleans up after me. If I choose to eat cake, then she is required to clean up any mess I may make, correct? And maids don’t complain. THEY SHUT UP AND CLEAN! Do you hear that Human? CLEAN!

If I can’t have a cake, I’ll go to cakewrecks…

Oh wait nevermind. I found something better: ANOTHER person trying to imitate a big cat! WHYYYYY!?!?!? I have never seen a male person do this. He must be as rare as the Siberian Tiger. [English accent] Simply splendid!


The tail makes his butt look big. And whats with the back pack? If your going to at least imitate a Tiger, try to be REALISTIC. Do tigers wear clothes? No. Do they wear backpacks? No. Do they wear SHOES? No. Slather on some body paint and run around the backyard. Freak.

OKAY…So where were we? Oh yes. CAKES.


so is this one of the dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico?

I think it is.



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