What, don’t I get a say in anything?

So what does Hairy Man think he’s doing, proposing to Human? Is he NUTS?! I already claimed her! She’s MINE! I don’t like this. I don’t like this at all. Human said that I will always be her schnoogykins [I think I just puked a little] and that nothing will EVER change that. Pfft. Then why is there a sparkly thing on your finger, HUMANNNN? Thats a big change. I don’t appreciate you doing this without my consent. Hairy Man, why didn’t you ask me first? Isn’t that tradition? Geez. Cats are always getting the short end of the stick around here.

Meh. Anyways. Here is a cake to honor such a SPECIAL occasion [courtesy of Cake Wrecks]. BLECH!

This could say a number of things. It could say Fiance, Fiaivcr, Fiaivce…its like…a PUZZLE! A puzzle of bizarre, misshapen letters on crappy fondant! How quaint.



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