Hmph! Offensive.

I haven’t posted because [sniff] one of YOU readers thinks I am a fraud. That HUMAN writes these posts for me. My paws are perfectly capable of executing the keyboard! Maybe you, oh skeptical reader, doesn’t want to believe that I, a cat [gasp] could have such enormous talents. Why, that would be ludicrous! No. Not so. I am gifted, true. No one can argue that I, Frizzle, am indeed a genius. Smarter than any old feline out there [including YOU Eclipse! You gross nasty thing!]

So. After much pouting and deliberating I have decided to not write anymore. It’s too HARRRRD. BECAUSE I’M A CAAAAAAAAT. WAHHHHHHHHHHH!

Just kidding.

Here’s another funny photo:

Why…this isn’t funny at all. It’s a CAT. TYPING! Quick, all of you skeptics, run! Before your heads explode!



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One response to “Hmph! Offensive.

  1. Grandma

    I never doubted your abilities, Frizzle darling.

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