This baby doesn’t stand a chance.



I guess the crazy lady from a previous post has a couple of cubs at home. Even though they can’t talk [although they do make some alien-like noises and gurgles!] they DO have feelings! If the pink thing could talk, she would say “SOMEONE ADOPT ME!” Lets face it lady..you dressed your little one up like a..uh…uhm…Human said I can’t say it on hereSKANKbut I am going to anyway.


So I think I have made my point clear: ANIMAL PRINTS ARE AWFUL! Just because its on a smaller person does not make it okay!

Did I mention its raining right now? By the time HUMANNN let me in I was drenched! How dare she keep me waiting!? I’m trying to clean myself but my fur is sticking to my tongue and its TRULY unpleasant. I will get even….this will not go unpunished.



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