Vet Visit #2

I came inside yesterday with a stomach ache. I kept puking and then my face started to swell. Human rushed me to the vet, thinking I had been bit by a snake or bee. The vet said I had a allergic reaction to something. I got two shots and started feeling A LOT better. Human mumbled about needing to wrap me in bubble wrap. That doesn’t sound comfortable.

Today I am taking it easy, sleeping on my bed and keeping close to Human. As much as I hate to admit it she DOES comfort me the best out of anyone. She understands that just because I am beside her doesn’t mean I want to be petted.

Anyway. For your amusement, darling readers, here is something that will make your brain hurt. In a good way, of course! Who doesn’t like analyzing photos?

My lumps, my lumps, my ugly manly lumps!

Check em out!

No. I don’t want to, but I HAVE TO!  This is atrocious. I hope thats just shading around the thong, not hair. It is hair? I feel sick again. Someone give me another shot! I am getting the vapors!

Did he steal his girlfriends underwear? Those are never going to fit her EVER. AGAIN. EVERRR. AGAINNNNNN!

Human said she would worry if Furry Man decided to put on her panties. But see, Furry Man is a man, and he knows that men wear bigger panties. I don’t know why she tells me these things. I don’t need those images floating around in my head. Especially right now. Maybe sleeping next to her wasn’t such a good idea. Ugh.


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