It was so beautiful Saturday. I got to go outside, run around, and when it got too chilly I sat by the window and sunned myself.

Imagine my disdain and disgust when it started raining. Normally that sort of thing doesn’t bother me. But its COLD. so cold! And I still have short hair on my butt. So that doesn’t help. I haven’t seen any birds anyway, so I guess I’m not missing out on much.

So, here is another crazy person I found on the web:

What the hell?

Common sense escapes so many people. I never realized how bad it was until I started scanning this website. In this case, the person [no clue if its a male or female. If I offended you, GOOD] is wearing pants BELOW their butt. BELOW. Thats a giant NO NO. If I was a naked pink homosapien I would be covering every square inch of my ugly self. Cause lets face it, naked things are gross. Anyway, not only is this person MOONING everyone, they also have an ill-fitting shirt [quite possibly dirty and greasy in the front], and CRAZY HAIR. If you are going into a PUBLIC place, you have to look sort of presentable. This isn’t even a “I feel like crap I have a cold so forgive me if I look how I feel” outfit. This is a “I have given up on life and hate myself” outfit.

You must hate yourself, whoever you are, because that is nasty. Your nasty. Its gross. I hate you.


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