31 things

I saw people doing this on their blogs. At first I thought it was dumb, then I realized. Why, my darling readers need to learn more about me! I am quite interesting and engaging, I think! Well..I know.

1.I met Human when I was merely five weeks old. I don’t remember my cat mom well, but apparently I was abandoned or she was hit by a car. If that had never happened I wouldn’t be here. Which, I guess would be a bad thing. Whatever.

2. Cats freak me out. I am getting better, but generally, something about them is just…creepy. Those long tails that wiggle on their own…and those NOISES. I mean, I know I’M a cat, but I’m better.

3.I can only eat Iams. Everything else causes crystals to grow in my downstairs. I know you needed that visual.

4.When I am happy, sad, angry, jealous, unsure, and sometimes hungry, I hiss. Human can now discern which hiss means happy, and which hiss means “GO AWAY I HATE YOU DIE!”

5. I strike poses any time a camera is present.

6. Golfers are the most interesting things ON THE PLANET! My backyard opens to the golf course and they walk by all day. Its amazing. MESMERIZING! And don’t get me started on the little tiny open cars they drive.

7. I love water. Human used to find me staring up at her in the shower. I find its easier to get in the tub after she’s out so I can play in whatever is left.

8. The only collars I can wear are called cat bandz. They are stretchy and impervious to my Houdini attempts. Plus, they are made of soft cotton, so they don’t rub or hurt me. Human says that would be hard to do anyway because of my royal fluffyness. I can’t tell if she’s making fun or not. Hmm.

9. I love sniffing cars.

10. I gallop. Grandma and Human laugh when I start running around. Apparently I sound like I’m 40 lbs instead of 10. Uh, THANKS. Rude.

11. I’m very good at the vet’s. Human says its very uncommon for cats to be unrestrained. All she has to do is rub my head or chest and I’m fine. I told you. I’m better than cats. Er..other cats.

12. My favorite toys are: dental floss, robe sashes, stuffed animals [anything I can grab and beat up on], and Human’s feet and hands.

13. I’m beautiful.

14. I let Human hold me and make me “dance”. I am ashamed to admit this.

15. The best place to sleep on earth is on top of Boyfriend’s hot tub.

16. The biggest thing I ever caught and killed was a squirrel. I was 6 months old.

17. I snore in my sleep.

18. I love Animal Planet. Especially Big Cat Diaries.

I know we are supposed to do thirty one things, but this is getting even a little ego centric for me. I think I’m going to go sleep on Human’s bed and prevent her from watching tv. Thats another hobby of mine ;).


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