Animals ain’t refundable FOO!

I never realized how many animals end up homeless after the holidays. Kids see a movie, say, a dog related cartoon. Maybe 101 Dalmatians. After the movie came out EVERY KID ON THE PLANET wanted a spotted dog! And in several cases, the adults obliged and got them one for Christmas. No research was done, no books were purchased on the care and maintenance, nothing. Once they had the puppy they realized, OOPS! Dalmatians are a high maintenance breed and are generally not good with kids!  OH NO! Spot bit Timmy! Better bring him to the pound.

Okay, let me just say this to the parents out there who are entertaining the idea of buying a puppy for their bratty, spoiled child. DON’T.  If your kid is unable to care for the pet [feed, clean, and exercise every day] then why bother? Wait until they are old enough to take on that responsibility. Another way to make sure they are ready for a pet, have them volunteer at a shelter. If they whine and complain…then you know they are NOT going to care for their own pets.

I’m lucky. I have Human. Human loves me and even though I am finicky and moody [not my words, hers!], she finds all of my qualities endearing.  I suppose I love her to a degree. I mean, I can’t hate someone who feeds me. That would be bitchy. Where was I going with this? Well, if you adopt or purchase an animal, that means you have committed to keeping that animal happy and healthy. Don’t adopt or buy because Timmy saw the latest dog movie AND HAD TO HAVE ONE. Research, you idiots! Who is the parent here? You call the shots, and if that bratty snotty nosed kid of yours wants to whine about it, let them! Good lord! Kids have the attention span of a flea, it won’t take them long to move onto the next thing.

Thank god I’m spayed.



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