I don’t want this. I don’t want white stuff on the ground or the fat cat that falls from the sky. I don’t remember seeing a fat cat last time it snowed, but if this is a new development I want nothing to do with SNOW. Ugh. I wish Human kept me in the loop.

I bit Human. Hard. And she bled. I sort of feel bad, but she shouldn’t pet me when I clearly told her I only wanted to be pet along the head and the neck. No back petting! NO! I like back pets, but today I am just not in the mood. She needs to understand that.  Human…you need to suffer the consequences. Its not my fault you didn’t listen. NOW FEED ME!

Why can’t I have the hanging chicken??? Why does this cat get one? Human says I could get sick with Salmonella. Whats salmonella? It sounds delicious.


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