A cake for the whole team!

Looks like one of the chefs at the bakery is suppressing memories.

What? …Its a bat… dunno what you could possibly find disgusting or perverted about a baseball cake…nothing to see here…

Gotta love Cake Wrecks 🙂


What have I, Frizzle been up to? Nothing! Absolutely nothing. Human is happy that I haven’t been in any bloody brawls. In fact, my back is healed up entirely! I have a pretty awesome scar now. Its so mysterious, and sexy. Or wait, is it not sexy for female cats to have them? Whatever. I’ll say it is. Too bad no one will see it once my hair grows back. Kind of reminds me of….

And this is why you don’t want head tattoos, kids! You’ll look pretty awesome when your shaved, but as soon as your hair grows back [or in this case, DOESN’T! ] No one will know you have one. Or it’ll look like its suffocating and trying in VAIN to escape the tangled thorny deadly mass of hair.



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