According to Anita Andrews, the director of the Alliance for Truth, Prop B is actually much worse than health care reform, in that it expects breeders to pay for “exorbitant amounts of care that are not needed, such as adequate food, adequate water, adequate space.”

I don’t like this Anita Andrews lady. Human says not everyone is as crazy as her, but I don’t know. This worries me a great deal. While this is mostly focused on puppy mills, it also affects cats. I like dogs! I really do! And seeing puppies in awful conditions makes me sad.  Did I mention she also feels that the SPCA is not promoting responsible ownership because they only require a small adoption fee? Yes, you heard right. She thinks that if you were to buy a purebred from a store, that it would make the owner more responsible due to the large sum they initially paid. This lady is obviously NOT an animal person.

UGHHHHHH! I would try to discuss politics, but I am merely a feline trying to understand crazy people like Anita Andrews.  Annnd its not working, so I am going to leave a link to the interview and you can take the necessary steps to help end puppy mills!


Okay, did you look?

Did you?

How about now?



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