Medicine from hell.

If you see your Human coming at you with this stuff, RUN! RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN! I’m too fluffy to run at high speed, so inevitably I’m caught. True, it makes me feel better, and I have more energy, but that doesn’t mean I LIKE it. It has a gross taste and it really conflicts with my dry food. ESPECIALLY if Human gives it to me right after. I imagine its like brushing your fangs then eating an orange. I wouldn’t know, but Human made a funny face once and I never forgot. *snort*

My back peeled. Which means its healing, and that means I can become the hunter again. I can leap, catch, and devour any animal on my land! I reach a zen like state when I am decapitating those cute fuzzy birdies.


Theres a dog next door who ruins my plans. I will spot a bird, and he sets off the alarm EACH TIME! If he wasn’t 60 lbs heavier than me I’d eat his face.

Human said I’d run away, just like I did from the cat fight. Hmph. I’d run away GRACEFULLY. Can she at least give me THAT? Nah. She’d rather view me as a wimp. I’ll keep calling her fat. Maybe that will change her mind set on my prowess. Bwahahah. Fat Human. FAT FAT FAT FAT MC FATTERTON!


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