…A Pomeranian is missing its fur coat.

I feel bad for this chick. Not only is she on a 50 calorie a day diet [consisting of regurgitated carrot sticks], she has to put up with supposed “fashion designers” who feel it necessary to make her look like she belongs in a insane asylum. WHO looks at that long brown coat of hers and decides, “LETS make it look like she stuck a fork in the electrical socket! It’ll really resonate with the crowd!”

No. It hasn’t. Its only made the chick pissed and the fashion designer an idiot for thinking anyone would find this look attractive.

I think he needs a Gibbs slap:

I still have a sore butt. Human gives me this nasty tasting stuff that is supposed to keep it from oozing goop. I hate it! But I know if I fight her it’ll only take longer and possibly get all over my beautiful fur. I always make sure to run away after wards to show Human how much I hate her. Its only a temporary hate, though. Well, okay, maybe not.


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