Sometimes you SHOULDN’T listen to mom.

Moms usually know best, right? They give you guidance, help with your homework, keep you off of that evil black tar heroine [I TOLD YOU TO STOP SMOKING STAN!], and GENERALLY keep that head of yours screwed on the right way. Well, leave it to People of Wal-Mart to contradict that!

God help us all.

I feel fortunate to have never known my mom. She abandoned me when I was 6 weeks old. Maybe she dressed like this lady and didn’t want me to be exposed to her trashy-ness. Cause LADY, you are TRASHY. Your daughter is doomed. Is that your daughter? With that short haircut it could very well be a man. Well, I guess that headband makes her more feminine *snort*.

Human is taking me to the vet today. Do I look sick? No. I shouldn’t be going “JUST BECAUSE”. She mentioned something about a leukemia shot. Another shot? Really? I’ll be the first to admit that I do NOT like other cats. I retreat! In fact, Simba pretty much PWNED my back yard until he passed away. So…for them to think that there is even a CHANCE I would get feline leukemia or aids is silly talk! I am FRIZZLE, queen of everything…except fighting.  I don’t mind the vet really. What I DO mind is I have no say in whether I go or not. I SHOULD DECIDE! Hmph. Human. She is so clueless.


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