Numero DOS!

Before I show you fashion fail #2, I must say HUMAN has been falling asleep at ridiculous hours. She wakes ME up with her constant typing, moving around, and working out. ONE TIME SHE DIDN’T SLEEP UNTIL 2:30! UGH. Let a cat sleep! Maybe she is working out after seeing my comment about her weight. HUMAN, you are skinny! RAIL THIN! You are skinnier than Paris Hilton on coke [wait, is she ever NOT on coke?] That being said, STOP waking me up!

Okay! Now we can begin.

Feel free to run from your computer screaming….NOW. I can only imagine what this fashion designer was thinking: “I need something truly terrifying, something that would make little emo kids run in terror. WHERE ARE MY SLINKIES? I will attach them to my wig!” Or are those giant pipe cleaners? Tube worms? Noooooodles? If Human left this on the floor I wouldn’t be able to enter her room. It might eat me.


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