Okay, just hold it right there. Whats going on? Human mentioned something called Beastiality. What is THAT? I looked it up…and all I have to say is …

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?? How can you find a different species SEXY? I will admit, I DO have a very provocative walk, and my eyes ARE mesmerizing, but that doesn’t mean I want to swap spit with a hairless PERSON! *shudder* Did those animals ever get a chance to express their opinion? I doubt it. And where is PETA in all of this? True, I find the organization to be a bit LOONY, but they should at least try to free some of these animals. Mr. Goat is not liking that kiss one bit. He looks like he’s crying inside. Poor Mr. Goat. Bahhhhhhhh-d hot chick, BAAAAAAHHHHHHHH-D!


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