I think they were confused.


Now I am confused.


I sound like a stoner. But seriously. How on earth did they screw this up? I am sure working at Food Lion IS JUST SO HARD. Or Publix. Wherever this cake was made some “chef” made this. I don’t get it. Did they look at the finished product and say “Looks good to me! It says EXACTLY what was on the paper!” Yes, you idiot, it DOES. I am a friggin cat and I could have done better! I might have shed all over the fondant but you know the love was there.

I found this photo on cakewrecks.blogspot.com . Its a cool blog. I would have never thought of making a blog about crappy cakes, but this lady has, and there are MANY funny photos. Mixed in with the ugly cakes are really nice ones, so you are not constantly questioning people’s sanity.

Human and I played a lot today. Her foot looks like a scratching post. Hairy Man said she shouldn’t let me do it, but she doesn’t mind. I think she secretly likes me to hurt her. All people like injuring themselves. Have you seen the move Jackass? No? Well it proves my point: People like hurting themselves. It makes them all warm and fuzzy inside.

This person in particular is singing “Macho macho man” as they are being lifted into the ambulance. People are just not right in the head. I bet as soon as they were safely in the ambulance they got a Gibb’s slap. Whats a Gibb slap? Here’s a Gibb slap!

All of you people need one. Pain loving, pinkie heads.  You all smell like stupidity, happiness, and SHAME.


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