I am…hunter.

Human tried to play with me earlier. But I…I Frizzle…was…a….HUNTER. I pounced! I leaped! Human pointed out I didn’t catch ONE thing, not even a lizard. I resent her comments. That would be like me saying she missed a few dress sizes, and she should be a real woman and try to lose weight. How do you feel now, Human? Do you feel high and mighty? I hope I put you back in your place you PIGGY PIGFACE!

Oh crap. She’s the one who feeds me. Shoot. Well, maybe she will forget what I said.


I stayed outside the rest of the night.

Hmph. I am a hunter.

Aren’t I?






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3 responses to “I am…hunter.

  1. Awww cute post. Love your site. Love my kitty too 😀

  2. Grandma

    Shame on you, frizzle! Human is NOT a piggy pig-face!! I’m glad you had to spend the night outside. But I love you anyway.

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