Human and I have been playing A LOT more lately. She says its because of her new job. I like her new job. THANK YOU NEW JOB! AND…she bought me a new necklace. Or as she calls it, “collar”. It’s totally a necklace. I mean, it is bright turquoise [which compliments my luxurious black coat], and it has little painted margaritas all over it! If I wasn’t so fluffy you might be able to see it, hee hee. Human says she’ll figure out a way for me to properly model it.

She also told me I am going to be going back to the vet soon. SURELY she knows by now I don’t have worms! She said something about a “routine” checkup. Yeah, okay, whatever. Its not like I can call to verify what Human says. Sometimes I hate my squeaky meow!

Oh, and Human says I am still her #1 girl, even though Eclipse has tried IN VAIN to change her mind. Nope. I am her #1, Eclipse. I would say “Read it and weep”, but you are way too stupid to know how.


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