Bunny rabbits have BLOGS?


I dunno how I feel about this. Aren’t bunnies supposed to be eating lettuce and breeding? I didn’t know they were so well spoken and dignified. I feel humbled. Okay, maybe not. I am never humble. EVER.

I went outside with Human and Grandma. It was so funny! Within minutes they were sweaty and cursing at the heat! I am covered in dense black hair, they have NO ROOM to talk! People are such wimps. When Grandma stood up she whined about her feet being hot. REALLY? Sighhhh.

When will my people be fully trained? I’ve only been in their lives 10 years. They are all so DUMB sometimes! Granted, I trained Human to feed and groom me, but thats about it. Did I get the special ones? UGH! I hope not. I don’t need any more responsibility. Maybe I need a helper……..


Oh ma gawd. Check this out:

Its watermelon time! Seriously lady? You are LITERALLY a fruit. You are round like a watermelon too! I bet you wouldn’t be if you got off your big fat green butt and walked! Or ran. I mean seriously work off that green blubber! WHATS WITH THE FUR ON YOUR HEAD!?!?!? Its short, pink, and scary. It looks radioactive. If I touch it I will probably die. Not that I WANT to touch it, but you know what I mean. Someone needs to stage a intervention. Do you think she dyed her dog’s hair too? I’m assuming she has a poodle with the same hair color. Poor dog.


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