Sweet Jesus they is HOME!

YAYYYY! THE BOYFRIEND IS BACK! Oh, and Grandma. Hi. You stole my Boyfriend. I resent you for it.

Did anything exciting happen while I was gone? No? I didn’t think so.

Human has been playing with me A LOT. I love it. I like to lay flat on my back and bite her ankles. Her pain sustains me, muahahaha!

Human says when God made me, he broke the mold. I can see why! This fur, these paws! I am just too sexy. God was smart. There is no need for 2 Miss Frizzles. I am perfectly capable of being awesome all by myself.

Oh, and the oil spill is “contained”. Bullcrap. We’ll see how long it takes for BP to mess this one up. I still say we eat all those birds. Mmmmmmm, birds.


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