Grandma and The Boyfriend went to Cambridge, England. Did they take me? NO. What if I wanted crumpets and scones? Tea and biscuits? No, of course not. I’m a CAT. That means I don’t have FEELINGS. I am devoid of all emotions. A robot.

Here is a photo of the place I don’t want to go.

Looks awful. Horrible. Who would ever want to go THERE? Nope. Not me. Neverrrrr. Human says The Boyfriend’s mom lives there. And guess what? She has a FARM! A farm, readers! Full of birds! My heart skips a beat thinking about it. Human says that is exactly why I can’t go…I would eat all the animals and no one would be invited back next year. Yeah, okay, blame it on the cat. I can’t help it if I am mean, lean, killing machine. Okay, maybe not LEAN! I am curvaceous.  I bet scones would taste divine with an English Sparrow. 😉


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  1. Grandma

    Frizzle, sweetheart, please don’t fret. I’ll bring back a tasty sparrow in my suitcase for you.

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