Sweet old lady lives with dead people.

Yep. You heard me right. A 91 year old widow had her deceased husband and twin sister dug up just days after burial. Her husband had been dead for over a decade, and her sister since last October. Are all people this crazy??? I hope Human doesn’t stuff me. I don’t want to be forever frozen at a entry way “keeping watch over my loved ones.” I can’t watch you, I’m dead! In fact, the taxidermist would take everything out of me! You would be watched over by a stuffed pelt! Ooooooh. So sentimental!

Anyway, this lady said she couldn’t stand death and wanted to watch over her family. Uh, what? You would THINK if death was a issue, she would not have had their graves excavated. She even dressed them up!  That does not sound like a fear of death to me! It sounds like the epitome of LONELINESS! Its sad, but very, very, very disturbing. Human, if you ever read this, DO NOT HAVE ME STUFFED! I forbid it! There readers. If she goes against my wishes, its in writing and she will go to a bad place.

Human says I am much easier to groom now. I told her if she just LEFT ME ALONE I would take care of it! But no, she didn’t, and uh, yeah….it IS better this way. I feel so silly. I almost feel bad about scratching her. Almost.


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