So then I thought…maybe it’s edible?

BP Oil is spilling all this nasty black gooey gunk into the Gulf of Mexico. It looks like a really rich chocolate pudding. Human said she wishes it was pudding! I heard the big black box talk about the ecosystem and how it’ll be drastically changed if no one fixes it. I then saw…a pelican. It was flopping around, looking perplexed and angry. It was covered, and I mean COVERED in chocolate pudding goo! I have to admit it made my mouth water.

SEE??? You can almost smell the truffles! A hint of mint, perhaps. I really want one. Human says it could be toxic. But Big Bird looks so TASTY! He can’t possibly be toxic. He’s so plump and tender! MMMMMMMMMMM. Then, I had a epiphany. I rushed outside and immediately ran to the algae filled pond. I shall puke into the pond, mixing with the algae, conjuring up evil muck to destroy all mockingbirds! They will be covered in yucky nasty poo poo goo and I shall eat them ALL!

…Or…you know…thats the idea…


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