Stupid airline mix-up.

“Delta Air Lines blamed a paperwork mix-up for sending two children to the wrong cities as they flew under the airline’s unaccompanied minors program.”

Even if I was high I couldn’t make that up. HOW DO YOU PUT CHILDREN ON THE WRONG FLIGHT? Didn’t they think to check the paperwork? Nope.  One was male, the other female. You can LOOK at them and tell its the wrong kid. The president of Delta wouldn’t comment on how many times this has happened. If I were sent to Hawaii by accident, that would be cool. I wouldn’t tell them. Human would have to adopt another cat or something.

“Delta said it has apologized to the families, sent the children to their final destinations at no cost, arranged full refunds for the children’s tickets and provided credits to the families for future travel.”

Right. Okay. Look, Delta, if you traumatize children, you don’t just refund a couple tickets. Oh no, with this sort of mix up, you need to give them free tickets FOR LIFE. Actually, if I were one of the children, I wouldn’t fly Delta anymore. Uh-uh, no thank YOU.  I’d fly Emirates. They have beds and champagne. Mhm. Dinin’ and flyin’ foooool. Delta, you suck. And saying it was a paper work mix up is just LAME. LAME I TELL YOU!


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  1. Grandma

    Frizzle, sweetheart, you misspelled “argument”. Anyway, that is an inappropriate comment.

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