I have been waking Human up every day at 6:30. And then, right when she’s about to fall back asleep, I meow super loud. It startles her, LOL! I really should tape her reaction. Her body levitates off the bed, I swear. She is baffled by my behavior. Its really not that complicated. She wakes up, then feeds me. If I wake her up early, she feeds me quicker! Ta-freaking-DA! I am so smart. Human…well, she’s “special”. I have to remind her every friggin day to feed me! Honestly. Its pathetic. I can only imagine what she’ll be like when she has her first litter. Okay okay okay maybe I don’t have to remind her ALL the time, but I hate waiting! I might starve to death.

Human finds me like this all the time:

I like poking my head around her door so I can watch her. She thinks its very annoying. I shun her. SHUNNNNN. SHUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! This is my “shun” face.


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One response to “Bwahahaa!

  1. Grandma

    oh yes, grandma remembers that “shun” face! Human perfected it when she was four years old (step aside!)

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