What is going on oh ma ga!

Japan is weird. I don’t care what you say. Human says she finds everything they do unique and cool, but I am pretty sure even SHE can agree with me. This is just WRONG.

Yes…those are PANTS. At first glance one might think, “Oh, that little skank McSkankface forgot to hike up her low-riders.” But then, THEN you realize its just the design! Thank God for fur.

At least the Japanese are not fat. If an American designer released this….do you realize how many people would be blinded? Some might even lose some weight! Gasp. Maybe…just maybe, we can purchase this design, then make it in 24-36W! OOOOH MA GA. No one would eat, America would get skinnier, and we will all be happy. Maybe not at that exact moment, but eventually we would. Wait…am I, Frizzle, trying to help PEOPLE? Oh lord. I need to step away for a minute. This is a bit overwhelming.


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