I’m a walking, talking..


Seriously. If I keep shedding I’ll be hairless. Human says she can’t pet me without taking a handful of hair with her! She can have it, I sure don’t want it! I am a black cat, try to imagine how frigging hot I am right now! I mean, I know I am sexy, but thats not what I am trying to say. ITS HOT! I am actually jealous of Human! She is hairless! Which raises the question: Why isn’t she tan? I have a weird person. I wonder if she’s broken. Or maybe she has some genetic disorder I have yet to uncover. Ewwww BROKEN HUMAN! I don’t want her anymore! Except to feed me, and clean my litter box, and groom me. Okay…I can’t live without her. But still, I want a upgrade! Seriously.

This lady thinks she is a tennis player. HAHAHAHAHA! Lady, if you think anyone would want to see you in that tshirt you call a dress, you are sorely mistaken. If your thighs look like tapioca you don’t need to be wearing this sort of thing. I wonder if she’s single. Hmmmmm. I doubt a boyfriend or husband would let her go out like that. Or maybe they don’t care anymore. I would. It reflects on me! So lady, do us all a favor…cover those tree trunks and hide under some sweatpants. Thanks.


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