Blue and red people.

You probably can’t see jack, but there was a LOT going on at the crazy lady’s house. I think the people in red are investigating. Or maybe it’s the blue man group. They all seem to be helping! They boarded up the windows and door [or what was left of it]. I am not sure why! We already KNOW everything is destroyed. Why would I, Frizzle, want to go inside? Sneaking past the the DO NOT ENTER yellow tape would be fun ;).  The problem with THAT is Simba lives two doors down. Ughhhhh. Foul beast. I don’t want to be any closer to him. No thank YOU.

Oh, and people are tearing up my road. Human says it feels weird driving over it. I would think so. It looks nasty! I don’t like walking in the road so I guess I will have to take her word for it. Sigh.

I saw this and giggled. I can’t tell if he’s crying or laughing. Maybe both? “HAHAHAHAH THIS HURTS SO GOOD HAHAHAHAH!” Hmmm, probably not, but that facial expression is priceless. I wonder what the other player was thinking. Probably something like “Chuck Norris groin kick! Hiyahhhh!” Or “Everyone was kung fu fightinnnng!” People never cease to amuse me. And take a look at those shoes! Good thing they don’t have spikes on the top!


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