Revolution=Pure Evil.

Human put smelly stuff on my neck. It’s called ‘Revolution’ and is used to keep ticks and fleas away. It smells, its wet, and I can’t lick it off! How awful is that? I don’t care if it works, it feels like a slug crawling up my spine! ACK! I will get her back. Hmph.

A crazy lady across the street set fire to her house. Human says no one knows what happened, but I think it’s a huge set-up. Why? Cause people are crazy. ESPECIALLY that lady! She brought a cat to court because he was in her yard all the time and “she had severe allergies”. Yep. And Grandma had to testify for Coco [the cat] and say he was never a nuisance. Whatever. He sunned himself on MY porch all the time. Did I say he could? No. Psh. Men. Anyway, Human says I cannot cross the street to investigate. I let her know I was not planning on it. Who would want to go over there anyway? Sheesh Human!

Here are some photos of Human poking me. You can’t see her foot, but you can see my anger.

I was yelling “STOP IT HUMANNNN!” And my fur got stuck on my tongue. Yuckyyyy.

Imma cut you deep white girl. Imma cut you deep.


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