April Fools? I see them.

If I were to pull a April Fools joke, I would not involve the men with shiny badges. Just a thought. Aren’t they the human equivalent of a vet? No? …Worse? Hoo boy. At least after being poked and prodded I am allowed to go home!  That was a blur of pure idiocy. Maybe people should stop pulling pranks. They will egg on all the idiots out there. Who made it OKAY? Was there some sort of announcement? I, Frizzle, find all of this insulting. At least my Human decided to be nice and not TOTALLY lose her mind. She didn’t need any clicker training today, HOORAH!

On another note…I puked under the futon. I didn’t like Grandma moving it. Or unfolding it. All of those things made me kinda, well, pukey. And I let her know I’m a princess and deserve to know all the plans for MY house. She just doesn’t get it. Human moves pillows around on her bed so I always have the best spot possible. Grandma needs to get with the program. For real.

Okay I am gonna go hide now. All these idiots have me very nervous.


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