I am feral. Hear me rawr!

I told Human not to resize this photo. It’s just so beautiful. And yours truly looks might fine!  Trey, one of Human’s friends, tried to pet me. I didn’t appreciate it. He doesn’t seem to understand that I, Frizzle, am a different cat outside. While I may tolerate people inside, OUTSIDE I want nothing to do with them!  I hissed at Human and Trey several times, and they didn’t listen! I kept saying “GO AWAY!” and “I HATE YOU!” They just laughed. Ugh. I swear I am adopted.



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3 responses to “I am feral. Hear me rawr!

  1. Oh don’t worry, Frizzle. Human acted JUST like you from the time she was 2 years old until she turned 17. There is hope.

  2. That is a great photo! Love it! My cats all act the same way too. I have no idea why they love me inside, but hate me outside?

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