Poisoning soup? O.o


Keep in mind nothing HAPPENED. It was a rumor. A RUMOR. No one was poisoned.  Don’t you think you would want to double check before writing a article about it? What a waste of internet space. Interesting, nonetheless. People amuse me! And having them acting out on purpose makes it even more fun!

“Detectives said a 58-year-old man had been arrested at his home on suspicion of administering poison with intent to endanger life or inflict grievous bodily harm.

He has not yet been questioned because of ill health and has been bailed until March 29.

Media reports said the man was a kitchen porter and police confirmed he was a member of staff at the school, which has about 750 boys and girls, aged from 13 to 18, and where fees are more than 27,000 pounds ($41,500) a year for boarders.

“Nobody has been harmed, but these are serious accusations,” said Detective Constable Vicky Ball. “Our investigation is still in its early stages and forensic work is continuing.” ”


If this person did in fact poison some of these kids I can see why. They are little rich, snobby kids. I bet they tortured and ridiculed the staff. If they were poisoned I would say “NEENER NEENER!” Rich people always think they are entitled to everything. Right? Well if they were being little brats like all rich people, then they had it coming! HA! I think they would be in trouble if I, Miss Frizzle, was in charge of the investigation. Nothing would happen! I would let nature take its course.


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