Okay….*sigh* Lindsay…look. JUST because they put the name Lindsay in the ad does NOT mean they were targeting you. If they had said Lohan then yeah sue them. But why sue someone over using the same first name? How utterly stupid of you.”Her name was used for the commercial benefit of E-Trade and she should be compensated fairly for that,” Olvadia told E! News. “She’s very upset about it. They did not have permission nor her consent. It’s not something that she would have agreed to.” So wait….if Human were to sue The Magic School Bus for using my name would I get money? I mean…the teacher’s name is Miss Frizzle. It’s only fair, right?

Maybe if she wasn’t drunk all the time she would realize the utter stupidity in this decision.

Now I am angry. Why hasn’t Human sued The Magic School Bus?!

I could have had major $$$. Human could buy me catnip and food. Lots of food. Mmmmmmmmm.

Thats another thing….maybe if Lindsay ATE something she would be able to think a little more clearly. Just a idea.


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  1. Momma

    Just AN idea.

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