Ting Ting not so nice.


Are you serious? People actually have conservations for these things? They are BEARS. Bears eat everything. They also appear to be ungrateful and stupid! If I had people sending me food and money then I wouldn’t bother them! Much less run into their house and raid the fridge: “Mmmmm roast beef…wait, you don’t have any mashed taters? You’re getting SLACK!”

Pandas…they are cute…I guess. I mean, if you like big furry animals with sharp claws and teeth. And what is up with the names?!?!?

Ting Ting

Mai Shan

Sho Jai

Me Too Ped

Maybe thats why this bear has no respect for people. Maybe Ting Ting is offended! Maybe he’s a very butch, masculine behemoth! And then they gave him the name Ting Ting.

GAHHHH. People. Show some thought and consideration when you name us!

In other news…

The orca that was part of a huge controversial accident [some say he killed the trainer, Sea World says it was not intentional.] There are polls everywhere debating if the whale should be euthanized.  Has anyone asked the whale? Nah. He’s a ANIMAL. We don’t have thoughts or feelings.  Quite frankly I think the whole thing is a bit ridiculous. There a humans a good bit crazier on death row. The whale accidentally hurt and killed the trainer.  One person murdered several other people and is serving life in prison. If a bear attacks someone they are put down.

I think people have their view points a bit skewed.



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