;) I am so good.

Human wouldn’t wake up…wanna know what I did? Yep. I threw up in front of her door. My retches were super dramatic and loud. “Heeeee-rrrrrr—-ACKACKAKACAKC!” “GRAPPPHHHPPPPHHTTTTACKACKACK!”

And still…she stayed in bed.

[Insert Human: I was praying she wasn’t puking on my rug or computer chair.]

So I KEPT retching!
[Insert Human: I realized she wasn’t going to stop so I got up and investigated.]

VOMIT WAS EVERYWHERE! I sprayed the walls!

[Human: A small wet puddle was at my feet. Lovely.]

Okay okay so maybe it wasn’t everywhere. But I made my point. Human gave me lots of food and scratched my head. “Stupid cat,” she muttered, staggering back up the steps to her room. I think not. I got her up, didn’t I?

I, Frizzle, have won again.


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