Blah-dee-blah blah

Today was one of those O-HUM SIGH days. I felt very spacey and couldn’t make up my mind. Human’s younger brother let me out…like…three times. In the span of twenty minutes. Or something like that. It’s not as if I keep track of those things. ESPECIALLY on O-HUM SIGH days! Human went to work [I think it means ‘abandonment’] and I was left to my own devices. What did I do? Nothing. Why? No one was around except Boyfriend…and he had kidney stones. They come out of your pee-hole. I had crystals in my bad place and they needed to give me antibiotics. I didn’t appreciate that. Personally…that vet doesn’t know ANYTHING about cats! They shove a twig-like thing up my butt and stick needles in me! AND somehow thats supposed to make me feel better. Eh. I don’t think so! I feel the same….except for the SORE HINEY!

Yeah. Hiney. I like that word.

EWWWW NOT THAT KIND! EWWWWW. Ger-OSS. Oh em gee. I spy something…pale and lumpy.


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