Human told me about an idiot she works with. But he sounds too stupid to write about! So I am going to talk about cocaine. Cocaine is better than him.

Just kidding. I don’t know anything about the stuff. All I know is it does this:

You put Coca Cola bottles on your head…or in this case…a coke BOX.  I hear tabbies are quite the junkies. Hey. It’s what I heard. Don’t get pissy with me! A intervention is in order. This isn’t a joke. We need to get this coke addiction under control. Its just so…stupid. And I don’t like stupid. Addictions are stupid. Therefore whoever falls into addiction is stupid.  Oh crap. Theres no cure for stupid.

So I hurt Human last night. 😀 Vengeance is mine! I grabbed her toe with my paws. Blood spewed everywhere! She shoved it at my nose and said “Look what you did!” …I giggled. People are funny when they are in pain. She forgot after a few minutes. She isn’t the brightest crayon in the box I’m afraid. You can’t pick and choose your human. 😉


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