Bad bad hippo. BAD.,2933,583493,00.html

You don’t need a photo for this. A woman sat on her husband and killed him. Yeah. Thats it. Kind of weird right? Well when you compare weight…its not! She weighs over 300 pounds and he weighed 120. HAHAHA! She says “I wish I could take it all back.” I suppose she does…along with all the twinkies she has been eating for the past 30 years.

When Mary Antionette said “Let them eat cake,” she didn’t mean YOU. If she knew people like you existed she would have chopped her own head off. Especially after seeing this. Ew. Ew! Put some clothes on! At least it will hide those nooks and crannies. And hills. And mountains. Craters. This is like a redneck version of Planet Earth! I don’t see any monkeys…


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