Oh em gee ma butt is so biiig.

I don’t mean to quote Miley Cyrus, but my ass is getting HUGE. Human says its fluff to keep me warm and toasty during the winter, but I know it’s fat. ITS FAT AND SHE DOESN’T GET IT! Its not my fault I try to fool her into feeding me three times a day! Sometimes I try to get The Boyfriend or Grandma to do it, but they never listen. They know what I am up to. Hmph.

Human hasn’t fed me the new wet food yet. She is going to save it for ‘special occasions’. Every day is a special occasion! I am here, obviously that should be a reason to celebrate! I was hesitant about trying new food, but since Human is not offering it all the time I want it. Humans are so dense sometimes!


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