Indecisive Feline I AM.

Human has let me in and out of the house twice today…in the span of fifteen minutes. I do this a lot, but lately its becoming more frequent. Human calls me a wuss and big baby for not staying out longer. I resent that! I am after all a Princess. Human doesn’t understand. You see, I like to check my surroundings and make sure everything was the same as yesterday. Okay…okay…I am a little bit scared of other cats. There is one orange tabby that comes around a good bit. His name is Simba. Human tells me he is 17 years old, has a broken back, and one eye, but I don’t care. He is still a huge threat to me and my house! She doesn’t see how evil this Simba truly is.

Another time Human and her friend Lauren came to the house with a tiny kitten named Suki. She was six weeks old and TRIED TO EAT ME! I ran away and Human laughed. So not the time for humor! I could have DIED! Did they care? Oh no. It’s all fun and games. Psh. PEOPLE.


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