Bon Jovi who?

I may only be a cat, but doesn’t this guy in Massachusetts have anything better to do? 400 billion? Really? Is that how people spend their time, suing whoever pops into their measly skulls? Apparently one of his songs was similar to Bon Jovi’s, or something, so the person got mad, and then this happened. I don’t know how the whole world works, but thats what I call a hissy fit! He is wasting his time on BON JOVI. Isn’t that guy passe? Like the Spice Girls? Remember when they tried to make a comeback? Yeah, not pretty.

This has me all fluffed up! My tail is impersonating a bottle brush!

I would really like to know how anyone could constructively use 400 billion dollars. Human uses her money on what she calls happy pills and gas, which I always thought was free.  And thats a small sum of money. If she blows through that in half a month, then Human would be broke by 2012. Thats a taboo year isn’t it? Shocker.


Are people actually worth that much? I was thinking they were all the same! I guess I learn something new every day.

Oh, by the way, Human bought me my IAMs. I am happy to be eating NORMAL food again! Thanks a bunch for making me wait HUMAN!


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