The Breeder’s Cup?

Human is obsessed, and I mean, totally obsessed with horses. She has walls covered in them! I go to sleep staring at the suckers. I suppose it could be worse…she could have photos of other cats. Cats suck. Yes, you heard me. I hate other cats. I like dogs just fine. My first boyfriend was a collie/lab mix named Barkly. He had a golden coat and the most beautiful smile. Sigh.

Back to the subject at hand: Horses. Human is a huge fan of horse racing. She is friends with a Dogwood….which is weird to me because I always thought inanimate objects couldn’t talk.  Apparently they do to Human. Dogwood is racing a horse named Aikenite tomorrow in the B.C. Juvenile.  I learn a lot because Human leaves her computer on! Did you know people give birth to only one kitten at a time!? Mind boggling. Cats have up to 10 kittens. And they complain about lack of sleep? Please.

Aikenite is quite handsome.


This is Aikenite before he raced. You can’t see his face very well under that blanket. Human calls them blinkers, but its quite obvious the thing is a blanket! Why would you play peek-a-boo running at 35 m.p.h.? So stupid.

In other news, the Human opened the window for me so I could watch the birds. I like this a lot. I can come up with several ideas on dismembering and gutting before I go out. One time Human went into the garage and I had killed to two birds. I ate all but the liver and head on one, the other I ate everything but the wings, feet, and tail feathers. I am a feline Hannibal Lector. Although, I do think I am a good bit sexier and much more thorough.


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